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One of the UK's leading commercial musician; fifty years of experience in the forefront of the UK music scene as a player (guitar) and arranger in addition to scoring music for films, television and commercial advertising. Colin's discography read like a "who's who" of the modern music business. Just note some of the stars he's worked with over the years...

Late '50's

Glen Stuart & the Clansmen "Weeping Willow"

Billy Fury "Halfway to Paradise" "Jealousy"

Lance Fortune "Be Mine"

The Viscounts "Shortnin' Bread"

Russ Conway "Sidesaddle" "Roulette"

Early '60's

Gene Vincent "Pistol Packin' Momma" "Weeping Willow"

Eddie Calvert "Shangri-la"

Dorothy Squires "Say it with Flowers"

Simon Park "Eye Level"

Nero and the Gladiators "Entry of the Gladiators" "Boots" "Czardas" "That's a long time ago" "Caldonia"

60's & 70's

Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames "Yeh Yeh" "Preach and Teach" "In the Meantime" "Sitting in the Park" "Getaway" "Bonnie and Clyde" "Seventh Son" "Sweet Things" ...Album "All my own work" ....Album "Sound Venture" Album with Harry South Band

Harold Mcnair "The Fence" Album

Price and Fame "Rosetta" Album & Singles

Elton John "Your Song" "Sixty Years On" Border song"

Love Affair "Everlasting Love"

New Seekers "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing"

Andy Williams Homeward Bound"

Alan Price "O Lucky Man" "Poor People" "Jarrow Song" "Between today and yesterday" ..... Album

Claude Francois Album

Geoff Love 7/8 Albums as Manuel and the Music of the Mountains, others as Mandingo and also Geoff Love Orchestra.

Biddu Various singles

Johnathan King Several singles

Cook/Greenaway Numerous titles under the pseudonyms of :- "Brotherhood of Man", "White Plains", the "Pipkins", "David and Johnathan" etc

Mike Batt Singles and Album ( Wombles)

Clodagh Rodgers All Titles composed by Kenny Young

Sandie Shaw "Always something there to remind me"

Barbara Dickson "Caravan"

Art Garfunkel "Bright Eyes"

Paul Simon "Richard Cory", "Sound of Silence"

Acker Bilk Various orchestral albums

The Spinners "Last night we had a do" .... Album

George Zamphir Album

Jack Jones Album

Bee Gees "Massachusetts" ( and other titles directed by Bill Shepherd )

Kiri te Kanawa Album

Julie Andrews Broadway Album

Grace Bumbry Single

Roger Whittaker Several Albums and Singles

Demis Roussous Album and Singles

James Galway/ Album

Henry Mancini/Album

Sally Oldfield Album

Bjork "It's all so Quiet"

Scaffold "Lily the Pink" plus other titles

Shirley Bassey "Something"

Johnny Harris Orch "Footsteps on the Moon" .... Album "Norwegian Wood"

C.C.S. "Whole Lotta Love" 

John Cameron/ Mickie Most Albums & Singles with Colm Wilkinson , Heatwave , Suzie Quatro , Hot Chocolate

Tom Jones Album

Gilbert O' Sullivan Album

Rod McKuen Album

Rex Harrison Album

Rock Hudson Album

Hank Marvin "Guitar Syndicate" Album

Jose Carreras Passion 2 Album




Children of Eden

Radio Times

Crazy For You

Hunting of the Snark

Evita (Film)

Les Miserables (10th Anniversary DVD)


Montiverdi Orch Percy Grainger songs

Carl Davis/Kurt Weill "Down in the Valley" .....opera

Jose Carreras "Passion" Album


With Georgie Fame:-

"Entertaining Mr Sloane"

"The Garnett Saga"


With Alan Price:

"O Lucky Man"

John Cameron "Kes" "Lost and Found" "Night Games" "August Heat"
"The Hatching"

Nino Rota "Hurricane"

John Barry "The Man with the Golden Gun" "Chaplin"

George Martin "Live and Let Die"

Jerry Goldsmith "Serpico" "Bad Girls"

Howard Shore "Philadelphia" "eXperienCe"

James Horner "The Man with no Face"

Trevor Jones "Roseanna's Grave"

George Fenton "Memphis Blue" "In Love and War" "Carla's Song" "Ladybird, Ladybird" "We're no Angels" "Fools Gold"

John Williams "Return of the Jedi"

Patrick Doyle "Much Ado about Nothing" "Donnie Brasco"

Carl Davis "City Lights" "Safety Last"

John Altman "Hear my Song" "Funny Bones" "God on the Rocks"

Danny Elfman "Big Fish"

Richard Harvey "The Life of Peter Sellers"

Mark Isham "Racing Stripes"

Gabiel Yared "Message in a Bottle" "The Talented Mr Ripley" "Troy"

Johnathan Dove "Prague" "Venus Peter"

Andrew Lloyd Webber "Evita" "Cats" "Whistle Down the Wind"

Elton John "Women Talking Dirty"

Alexandre Desplat "La Fille du Puisatier", "The Special Relationship" "The Gardener"


Carl Davis "A Year in Provence" "Olivers Travels"

Bob Sharples "Minder"

John Altman "Miss Marple" "By the Sword Divided" "Peak Practice" ( 9 Series)

Sidney Sagar "Into The Labrinth"

Brian Gascoigne  "Bellamy" "Stick with me Kid"

John Cameron "The World of Eddie Weary"

Debbie Wiseman "Jekyll", "Fry in America" "WPC 56" "Father Brown"

Edward Williams  "Life on Earth" .

Martin Kisko "Russian Bear"

Paddy Kingsland "Pole to Pole"

Tony Britten "Once upon a time in the North"