My old Flames! Blue Flames Peter Coe and Colin with Georgie Fame at Georgie's 50th birthday party
Colin worked for many years with Georgie Fame' Blue Flames, one of the most influential English rhythm and blues bands of the sixties. They were the first R'n'B band to secure a residency at the Flamingo Jazz Club in London's West End, a tribute to the standard of their combined talents. Colin first met Clive Powell (who later changed his name to Georgie Fame) when he joined Colin Green's Beat Boys who accompanied American rock legends Gene Vincent & Eddie Cochran on their UK tour dates and recording sessions

Colin with Big Jim Sullivan and trumpet giant Derek Watkins at Jim's 65th Birthday bash.
Colin started his career at the same time as Big Jim Sullivan and they toured together on many shows where, along with drummer Brian Bennett, they would practice duets on the long train journeys between concerts. They later referred to this as their period at the British Rail School of Music!!

The Quiet Three
At one time Colin worked with rock star Vince Eager. The band, which comprised Colin on guitar, Tex Makins on bass and Jimmy Nicol drums were called 'The Quiet Three', the name being taken from a Duane Eddy hit of the period

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